aka Austin

  • I live in a house :)
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am just another person.
  • Webly

    That was the worst day ever! First I'm in a terryifying train and then Roman's eliminated. I'm gonna get back at Nalyd for eliminating him. And, that's why I'm out of the alliance. I know Princessa's mad too! They even broke up, thanks to me. They were getting a little annoying, anyways! And, Princessa deserves better.

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  • Webly

    Hi, it's Bridgette. Sorry about the no new blog posts for a while. But, this is going to cover it all.

    Episode Five was very fun besides missing the horse. Roman and I had a fun night by the nice moonview. (they were making out) And, our team won the challenge.

    Episode Six wasn't a schocker we lost and eliminated Trev which was easy as pie

    Episode Seven was the second most dramatic loss it was Victoria! She was such a good friend but had to go because of my alliance.

    Episode Eight was high school movie day! I was so excited but then figured out i couldn't participate and we lost the challenge and one of my very good friends RACHEL! :( Hopefully, she comes back their was some rumors that she was (if you don't know what i mean check the front pa…

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  • Webly

    Bridgette about Ep. 4

    December 16, 2009 by Webly

    Hey, viewers! This week's episode was awesome, it's my favorite yet! Guess What, I'M DATING ROMAN! I feel so good. I can't believe we're going out, it truly was "A Christmas Miracle". Remember I'm the one who picked that title! I was actually talking about my favorite christmas movie. But, whatever! I'm kindove sad that Tye's gone. I found out he wasn't going to eliminate me. The alliance was after him anyways! Ethan kinda bugs me. He's really weird. When we can vote someone out of our alliance it's him first. Hopefully, Nalyd doesn't know. He's the only one who is protecting him.

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  • Webly

    Bridgette about Ep. 2 & 3

    December 6, 2009 by Webly

    Hey, guys sorry i wasn't active in Episode 2. I had a soar throat but thats not what im mainly talking about (I really couldn't come because I thought it started at 7:00pm) I also heard that Roman had a crush on me. In Ep. 3 I wanted Rachel to win. And, at the end I joined Ethan and Nalyd's Alliance. Which was cool because that's a couple guaranteed safeties right in front of me. I would also like to announce my last name is Toh. I have a secret crush, too. That wraps up my blog. TTYL!

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  • Webly

    Bridgette about Ep. 1

    November 24, 2009 by Webly

    Well, it was very shocking that Monica was eliminated but she did lose them the Screaming Directors the challenge. Meanwhile, I heard Ethan & Nayld made a secret alliance. I think I'll use it as a secret weapon (which doesn't make sense to half of you who read this, but I KNOW what i mean). Last ep. i was played by Tditda2010 i was at my Dad's Families Thanksgiving. Anyways, LeShawna will always be a friend to me in the game. Maybe, later we could make an alliance.

    Anyways thats my recap about Ep. 1. CYA!

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