So today James picked Nalyd into the finale over me Frank. I think he piked because of a easy win but I'm not so sure about that. So here are my predictions for who is going to vote for who.


Rachel - Friends with Nalyd

Leshawna - Took her to the final five

Trev - Same team as Nalyd

Victoria - Same team and probably will vote will Rachel

Ethan - Alliance with Nalyd for a long time

Tye - Same team


Erik - Same team as James and doesn't like Nalyd

Monica - Same team

Marshall - Same team


Joe - He doesn't like anyone so I have no idea who he will vote for

Princessa - She's mad at Nalyd but she also doesn't like James so I don't know either.

Roman - James betrayed him but he doesn't really know Nalyd.

Bridgette - Doesn't like Nalyd but might vote with Roman and her friends.

Frank - Friends with James since the beginning but Nalyd helped him a lot and James voted him off.

These are just my predictions please don't say who you're voting for and there are polls on the main page and my user page so vote on them.

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