Charlie - Being a pushover could make him an early leaver or a merged person, due to alliances could be formed.

Cheyne - He is useful in water based challenges, but that's all. He probably won't make it too far, at far, barely makes merge.

Danika - Useful in racing challenges. Her personality might also do well. I'd say she could make it very far, but a wrong move would cost her.

Elenaz - She will show strategy, but if she acts like a rich girl who is sad about being in a place that isn't...... good, she could be picked out early.

Eliza - Being observant could warn her teammates about others, but those "sneaky" ones could pick her out very early.

Evelyn - Ok.... doing my own character.... I think she'll go any way. I don't think she'll make final 5, but no lower than 12th.

Katie - She will make it far if she plays the game good.

Lilie - A nicer Courtney.... will be targeted at one point, whether it's early or later.

Louis - Knowing his player (XD) he'll be somewhat strategist. However, he will make the merge, but likely not final 4, due to personality.

Manic - If he plays "Mr. Scaredy Cat" too often, that will cause his elimination. If he can play it cool enough, he could make it to the finals and possibly win.

Paul - Those who are sneaky will get to him. Watch out. If HE can make an alliance that is stable, though, I can see him at the merge.

Silver - I don't know how to judge this character 0_o

Sly - Koops...... third time the charm ;) Anyways, if he (like Alejandro) can form an alliance to rid of enemies, he can make it far. But of course, making it to the final will be difficult, and winning will be even more. Unless someone else who is more hated than him makes it to the final two, he will likely lose.

Trevor - Summary: Prank a lot = :( Prank not too much = :)

Trixie - Oh boy...... the only way she will make it past the first three episodes if her team doesn't lose!!

Whitney - Nothing much to her, just that she's nice. (OUT)
















16. Whitney

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