Just note that I don't mean to offened or make anyone sad, mad, etc. We are down to the final five! I will make a prediction (but like the show, ANYTHING can happen) So yeah:

5.Ethan- First of all, he doesn't HAVE a user, as YoshiPerson quit or something. He also voted out Nalyd in the last episode with Princessa and Nalyd will find out and eliminate him. The only good things that will help him win is that a. Nalyd may keep him in for an easy and b. he is the only contestant that is still in to have won an individual challenge. Since he doesn't have an original user, he should be eliminated by the final three and if he is at the final three, he should/has to be eliminated.

4.Frank- Frank hasn't done too much other than joining Roman and James' alliance and then Nalyd and Ethan's alliance and being funny.

3.LeShawna- The last girl in the competition has a good chance. I believe she's not an enemy with any of the others and she plays a good game, although not winning any individual challenges. Because of this, though, she may be the next victim of Nalyd. She is the only person to not record a vote more than once, which may mean she might not even vote at all next time! But, she still has a great chance.

2.James- I think that Nalyd will take him to the end and that will be James' chance to win. Though he is tied for being in the bottom the most (Rachel, though two of her three times was her elimination) He doesn't have any enemies competing and is a good competitor.

1.Nalyd- He's gotten out pretty much everyone on the Killer Actors and the mergers. He could easily eliminate anyone he wants now. He hasn't won an individual challenge, so if he continues not to, anyone could form their own short alliance and quickly eliminate him.

That's it, I guess, congrats final five, you all are winners (except Ethan, since you have no real player XD)

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