• Tdi

    Power Ranking's (My Version)

    September 7, 2010 by Tdi

    Done out of boredom, and TDWT doesn't start for another hour and a half so...........

    8. Trixie - Has made a few enemies, one by flirting. If that fails, then that puts you at the bottom.

    7. Elenaz - I played her, and I think I did her wrong. Even though she did complete the challenge, and has made a friend, that could change most likely for worst.

    6. Cheyne - Haven't seen too much of him, and he seems only strong in water challenges. He's down here because of that, not cause he's a threat. (During teams, it's when you put threats up, then merge, they go down.... I think)

    5. Paul - I don't remember him too much, but he has a friend, possibly two, and a possible enemy. Being a detective, he could spot out possible people to eliminate, but chall…

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  • Tdi

    Charlie - Being a pushover could make him an early leaver or a merged person, due to alliances could be formed.

    Cheyne - He is useful in water based challenges, but that's all. He probably won't make it too far, at far, barely makes merge.

    Danika - Useful in racing challenges. Her personality might also do well. I'd say she could make it very far, but a wrong move would cost her.

    Elenaz - She will show strategy, but if she acts like a rich girl who is sad about being in a place that isn't...... good, she could be picked out early.

    Eliza - Being observant could warn her teammates about others, but those "sneaky" ones could pick her out very early.

    Evelyn - Ok.... doing my own character.... I think she'll go any way. I don't think she'll make fi…

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    Anyone here?

    August 22, 2010 by Tdi

    Anyways..... as I said in the chatbox, I think we should put the Team Navigator thingies on the bottom of the season two competitors, so here they are :)

    Killer Adventurers

    Blain | Boomer | Giratin | Isaac | Lindsay | Spenny | Webby | Zachary

    Screaming Divers

    Allison | Andrea | Christian | Glen | Hershell | "Holes" | Kyle | Tom

    also, i think we should put like season one and two things in the sidebar for easy access to episodes and characters, but that's just an opinion :)

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    Final Five Predictions

    February 9, 2010 by Tdi

    Just note that I don't mean to offened or make anyone sad, mad, etc. We are down to the final five! I will make a prediction (but like the show, ANYTHING can happen) So yeah:

    5.Ethan- First of all, he doesn't HAVE a user, as YoshiPerson quit or something. He also voted out Nalyd in the last episode with Princessa and Nalyd will find out and eliminate him. The only good things that will help him win is that a. Nalyd may keep him in for an easy and b. he is the only contestant that is still in to have won an individual challenge. Since he doesn't have an original user, he should be eliminated by the final three and if he is at the final three, he should/has to be eliminated.

    4.Frank- Frank hasn't done too much other than joining Roman and Jame…

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    Episode 4's Blog

    December 13, 2009 by Tdi

    I cant beleive Erik scared me! Also, Chris was mean dressing up as Santa!  For the challenge, I want a million bucks! That must mean I win! Bridgette finally got into me, so mabye that was my present..... oh well, Bridgette is nice! Bye!

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