Hey! It's me again! So, I'm really excited for the IRC Camps 3, and my brother, Trevor is gonna be in it!

Ok, so I've made a prediction list of who I think is gonna be eliminated and when. Also note that I didn't include a returnee person...thing...

16. Trixie- Rich. Filthy rich. Plus, she's a snob. She'll need a miracle to get past episode 3.

15. Charlie- Kinda boring guy. Not very strategic or athletic. Plus, he'll probably trust people too much.

14. Whitney- She just doesn't seem like a person that can really get too far. She might make a good move here and there, but I doubt she'll make the merge, but if anyone is to return, it'd probably be her.

13. Lillie- Looks socially strong, maybe too strong. Definately going to have a target on her back.

12. Cheyne- Strong. No way is anyone smart going to keep him before the merge.

11. Louis- Kinda funny guy. I just think that people will realize how likable he is and vote him out.

10. Eliza- Seems sweet and all, but I don't think she has a good shot at winning.

9. Silver- Silver is strong and goofy. But once people know how dangerous he is, he'll run head first into a blindside.

8. Paul- Smart guy. Too smart. What's with people being too strong, nice or smart this season? Anyway, he might weasel his way pretty far, but not too far.

7. Elenaz- Doesn't seem too ready to be living without some things like a phone and all. But, she is strategic.

6. Evelyn- Sweet and caring. Going to go far for sure.

5. Trevor- Smart and evil, but loyal to allies. Possibly going to end up being blindsided, but you never know.

4. Katie- Katie could go either way. She could be an alliance leader and get far. Or she could just be really nice and go far. Either way, she's gonna go far.

3. Danika- Kinda reminds me of Andrea, but a bit more adventurous.

2. Sly- Sneaky and smart. Gonna go far, but if he goes to the finals, he'll either be smart and sneaky to get people's votes, or make them pretty PO'd and get very few votes.

1. Manic- This poor guy is gonna go far because of sympathy. Sympathy and coattails.

Well, so, if I'm right, Manic is going to be the next millionaire. If I'm wrong, well, we'll have to find out, shall we?

So, tune in tonight for the IRC Camps season 3! :D

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