Ok,so,I had a big part in this episode(yay! XD).The first part of the cavemen movie was fighting on pillars.Frank beat Ethan in a pretty close fight.Next,Leshawna lost to Victoria in a prett good fight.Then,Roman vs.Bridgette.Roman wacked Bridgette off,pretty much immediately.Then,me and Rachel.I hit her as hard as I could and down she went.I felt pretty bad about it :(.Then,Princessa beat Nalyd by alot.The last challenge was making fire.I made a HUGE fire,making us win.Then,I thought I was evil and hid in the forest.Nalyd got the Killer Actors to eliminate Victoria,while I packed my bags,thinking about leaving.Victoria left,while most of us congratulated her on a good game,Ethan gave her a gummy bear -_-.So,that's all for episode seven,see ya guys later :).

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