Yo! James here! The first IRC Camps winner! Anyway, I decided to blog about the second season so far. I'll start with the eliminated contestants.

First, "Holes". He seemed like if he stayed, he would be a major strategist, and psychial threat. I don't think it was the smartest move to eliminate him first, but the Divers have had a three time winning streak.

Next, Lindsay. She looked like a pretty nice girl, but weak and not helpful. Definately a smart move by the Adventurers to vote her out.

Next, is Boomer. He looked like a crazy guy that could've dominated. But, thanks to his idiocy for tryng to throw the challenge, he asked to be eliminated.

Next, is the emotionless Giratin. He seemed to be a major asset to his team before, but this time he just screwed up. If it were up to me, I would've voted out Isaac instead, but, Isaac is in a majorly strong alliance, so, yeah.

Last of the eliminated(so far) is Glen. This dude was a poor sport, angry, evil villain. He just asked to go home when he blew the challenge. Glad to see that jerk go.

Now, onto the remaining contestants.

Christian: Nice guy, my guess is around 6th and 3rd.

Allison:She seems like a nice girl, major rockstar, probably about 8th-5th.

Spenny:He's a major threat, if these people are smart, he'll get about 9th, if they aren't, he'll win.

Isaac:He better hope for an early merge, cause he isn't psychially strong. If he gets to the merge, he'll get 5th.

Webby:This guy could be the next Nalyd, somewhere around 7th-2nd.

Tom:This guy is a secret strategist, he won't be found out easily, my guess, somewhere around 6th-1st.

Andrea:She's sweet, kind, and caring, and a major threat. Like Spenny, if they're dumb, she'll win, if they're smart, she'll get around 9th.

Kyle:He's also very nice, but he doesn't seem winner material. He'll probably get 10th-4th.

Hershell:If his team loses, he's the next to go. 11th-7th.

Zach-He's gonna scare people eventually. 10th-5th.

Blain-Strategist, he better be careful, because Webby and Zach have him on their list. 10th-6th.

That's what I think of season 2. See you guys later :)

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