Irc Camps Season 1 fanfic thingy :P

Ok, this is basically a short summary fanfic of season 1 of the IRC Camps, a different way.

Episode 1

The sixteen people were all ready to play the ultimate game, the IRC Camps! Chris announced that teams would be split up like this; The Screaming Directors: Rachel, Roman, Trev, LeShawna, Marshall, James, Tye, and Ethan. The Killer Actors: Bridgette, Erik, Joe, Nalyd, Princessa, Frank, Monica, and Victoria. Everyone except Ethan and Rachel jumped, meaning the Killer Actors were victorious. That night, Marshall told the guys, minus Ethan, to vote for Ethan, and Ethan got eliminated.


Tye: Ethan

Rachel: LeShawna

Marshall: Ethan

James: Ethan

Ethan: Rachel

LeShawna: Rachel

Roman: Ethan

Trev: Ethan

Tell me what you think, the other episodes, will be on this blog.

Episode 2

With Ethan gone, the Directors could relax without that weirdo doing something stupid again. In the challenge, the Actors got the lion, and the Directors got a bear. Roman and James were able to keep it calm, until Trev messed with it, angering it. Narrating was Erik and LeShawna. Chris liked the Director’s better, as LeShawna gave it a ‘gangster taste’ to it. That night, Nalyd made an alliance with Erik, Victoria, and Princessa to vote off Bridgette, as she was a threat. Nalyd’s plan succeeded.


Princessa: Bridgette

Monica: Nalyd

Erik: Bridgette

Nalyd: Bridgette

Joe: Princessa

Bridgette: Nalyd

Victoria: Bridgette

Frank: Nalyd

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