• Tdafan123

    Irc Random Fanfic :3

    September 6, 2010 by Tdafan123

    Irc Camps Season 1 fanfic thingy :P

    Ok, this is basically a short summary fanfic of season 1 of the IRC Camps, a different way.

    The sixteen people were all ready to play the ultimate game, the IRC Camps! Chris announced that teams would be split up like this; The Screaming Directors: Rachel, Roman, Trev, LeShawna, Marshall, James, Tye, and Ethan. The Killer Actors: Bridgette, Erik, Joe, Nalyd, Princessa, Frank, Monica, and Victoria. Everyone except Ethan and Rachel jumped, meaning the Killer Actors were victorious. That night, Marshall told the guys, minus Ethan, to vote for Ethan, and Ethan got eliminated.


    Tye: Ethan

    Rachel: LeShawna

    Marshall: Ethan

    James: Ethan

    Ethan: Rachel

    LeShawna: Rachel

    Roman: Ethan

    Trev: Ethan

    Tell me what you think, th…

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  • Tdafan123

    James' Power Rankings

    September 5, 2010 by Tdafan123

    It's James again, and this time, with some power rankings on each contestant.

    8. Trixie- Ok, she has quite a few enemies on her team. (i.e. Manic, Eliza, Trevor). And she isn't very smart in the strategic aspect. As soon as her team loses, I bet you $50 that Trixie will go.

    7. Elenaz- She hasn't done too much. Is she very strong? No. Is she strategic? Possibly. I had no idea where to put her, so here she is.

    6. Cheyne- Pretty much like Elenaz, only he's strong. I think as long as Cheyne can manage to stay low for a while, he could do good.

    5. Manic- This guy is in the middle for me. He doesn't have too much power, but, he's definately not a target.

    4. Paul- Insanely smart. People will probably keep him in for a while. Also, he seems to understa…

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  • Tdafan123

    Hey! It's me again! So, I'm really excited for the IRC Camps 3, and my brother, Trevor is gonna be in it!

    Ok, so I've made a prediction list of who I think is gonna be eliminated and when. Also note that I didn't include a returnee person...thing...

    16. Trixie- Rich. Filthy rich. Plus, she's a snob. She'll need a miracle to get past episode 3.

    15. Charlie- Kinda boring guy. Not very strategic or athletic. Plus, he'll probably trust people too much.

    14. Whitney- She just doesn't seem like a person that can really get too far. She might make a good move here and there, but I doubt she'll make the merge, but if anyone is to return, it'd probably be her.

    13. Lillie- Looks socially strong, maybe too strong. Definately going to have a target on her b…

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  • Tdafan123

    Yo! James here! The first IRC Camps winner! Anyway, I decided to blog about the second season so far. I'll start with the eliminated contestants.

    First, "Holes". He seemed like if he stayed, he would be a major strategist, and psychial threat. I don't think it was the smartest move to eliminate him first, but the Divers have had a three time winning streak.

    Next, Lindsay. She looked like a pretty nice girl, but weak and not helpful. Definately a smart move by the Adventurers to vote her out.

    Next, is Boomer. He looked like a crazy guy that could've dominated. But, thanks to his idiocy for tryng to throw the challenge, he asked to be eliminated.

    Next, is the emotionless Giratin. He seemed to be a major asset to his team before, but this time he…

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  • Tdafan123

    James Blogs:Episode 9

    January 18, 2010 by Tdafan123

    Ok, so we all woke up on a train. Rachel returned -_- and Chris announced that we had merged and the challenge was the murder movie. I was "Killed" first, then a lot of people, I forgot the order XD, until Leshawna, Nalyd, and Bridgette remained. Neither of them guessed the correct killer, Rachel, so she was immune. Nalyd forced me to vote out Roman. :( I feel bad about it, too. Roman was eliminated, and it's my fault :(. So, Princessa and Nalyd broke up and... that's it, Roman, if you are reading this, I'm sorry I had to vote you out, but I owed Nalyd big time :(

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