Wow! It was amazing to compete in the first episode of IRC Camps season 3! I feel I have an okay chance at winning. My friendship with Whitney didn't last long. Looks like my conflict with Sly will end. Now that my only true friend is gone, Sly is my only chance to be safe. I gotta kiss-up! Crap! Whatev! So, my team were the first losers! Guess I'll put my first impretions up on my (user)page. Now episode one has passed and I have my current rankings up soon.


15- Katie - Don't get me wrong, Katie has a chance. The problem is, she voted for Sly. Sly can get her off like that!


13- Trixie - She's a brat. End of story.

12- Charlie - He has a shot at this competition but he's a pushover. Nobody likes a pushover. Except for a very small few.

11- [[Silver] - He's just a pawn to Sly. When not needed, he'll be gone.

10- Elenaz - She's not merge material.

9- Paul - No reason.

8- Danika - Halfway through the original sixteen, around the merge. I don't think she has a shot at getting past day one of the merge. She's helpful now, but will easily be picked off if she doesn't have invincibility at the merge.

7- Cheyne - Well, he's the Geoff of this competition. Geoff went far in TDI. Although, he'll be the blackhorse.

6- Evelyn - No reason.

5- Trevor - He, for now, has more friends than enemies. He also has a girlfriend. That could help him.

4- Lilie - She has a shot. Don't judge me. XD

3- Louis - His friend is Sly. What else do I have to say?

2- Manic - He's friendly. He's caring. The only problem is he's not very strategic.

1- Sly - This guy has allies and that could get him far.

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