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  • TDALindsayfan1

    My Rankings

    October 9, 2010 by TDALindsayfan1
    1. Cheyne - I think your black horse status is gone. I think you have a great chance to win this competition.
    2. Evelyn - You moved up! Your definetly someone to watch, but I have a feeling you will make it far.
    3. Sly - I think you lost your mojo. You have a chance at the final three, but they'll eliminate you A.S.A.P!
    4. Danika - Your a huge threat. As soon as the time comes around for the merge, you'll be eliminated.
    5. Manic - Being a threat's friend is not a good thing, especially since it's Danika, and she's like the biggest threat next to Eliza.
    6. Katie -We found Cheyne's replacement. Being used by Sly won't get you up high. Realize he's evil! Do it!!!
    7. Louis - I'm hearing rumors you quit Sly's alliance. I don't think they're true, but I think you definetl…
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  • TDALindsayfan1

    Katie: Episode 1

    September 5, 2010 by TDALindsayfan1

    Wow! It was amazing to compete in the first episode of IRC Camps season 3! I feel I have an okay chance at winning. My friendship with Whitney didn't last long. Looks like my conflict with Sly will end. Now that my only true friend is gone, Sly is my only chance to be safe. I gotta kiss-up! Crap! Whatev! So, my team were the first losers! Guess I'll put my first impretions up on my (user)page. Now episode one has passed and I have my current rankings up soon.


    15- Katie - Don't get me wrong, Katie has a chance. The problem is, she voted for Sly. Sly can get her off like that!


    13- Trixie - She's a brat. End of story.

    12- Charlie - He has a shot at this competition but he's a pushover. Nobody likes a pushover. Except for a very smal…

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  • TDALindsayfan1

    Allison (played by Nalyd Renrut)

    Andrea (played by Goldenshane)


    1-Andrea-Andrea seems to be the best competitor of these remaining contestants. She wins many challenges and doesn't make enemies quickly. She is a really good person and should win this.

    2-Allison-Now being played by Nalyd, Allison has a good shot at winning. It also seems like that the girls aren't going to be the easiest to eliminate. One girl did get eliminated but then returned. Allison could win this.

    That's my top five... At of all these I think Andrea has the best chance of winning and Allison(ranked 2nd) does not.

    I'd rather have Allison win though...

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