• Screaming Scouts
  • Killer Campers


  • 1st Place - Cheyne - Stronger. Faster. Winner. XD This is my honest belief.
  • 2nd Place - Evelyn - You road coattails. Not good.
  • 3rd Place - Elenaz - Evil people always get third. evil snake. xD.
  • 4th Place - Danika - IDK, just seems likely...
  • 5th Place - Manic - Rumors are floting that you are a threat in diguise..
  • 6th Place - Charlie - MINOR!
  • 7th Place - Paul - WAY too smart. If people know what's good for them, they'll ex you.
  • 8th Place - Louis - I've got sources telling me you're up to something...


Episode Contestant Out Comment
Welcome to Camp Whitney Already famous. I see why you were voted out.
Talentless Show Trixie You were a real jerk. I wasn't sorry to see you go.
Love is in the Air Lilie I thought you would go a bit farther, but it just didn't turn out. I hope you return.
The Final Chowdown Elenaz I see why you were eliminated. But, I feel you could have done better had you not left your team's challenge and supported them. Everyone needs support!
Use Your Noodle Trevor Didn't see that coming!
The Camp Before Time Silver You lost challenges, I'm not shocked.
Episode Thirty-Nine Sly Cheer up, you're returning anyway. Hahaha.
Elenaz returns!
Episode Forty Katie Gotta love Karma...
Episode Forty-One Eliza I played the guy who got you out, so I saw this coming. You were a threat.

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