Yo! Whats up? Its your buddy, Chris McLean here to talk about the awesomeness that was the second episode of IRC Camps!

Technical Stuff
We had a lot of trouble getting the animals in and getting legals to allow us to use them. Especially our rare mountain lion that looks like a regular lion.

The Challenge
Watching the Screaming Directors do so badly in the challenge was hard to do. So I didn't I watched the Killer Actors get footage of Nalyd being mauled! That was hilarious, so I had to give them immunity.

The Elimination
I had high hopes for Joe, and I'm personally sad he left. Dude had it in him to go all the way to the final three I bet. Maybe if her returns he'll do better, but we'll see. I'm disappointed somebody with potential went, but I can't say I'm surprised.

Will you miss Joe?

The poll was created at 20:57 on December 9, 2009, and so far 7 people voted.

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