Since I was an epic fail and had Rugby games on Saturday... I missed almost all the episodes- Luckily last night I skipped the party after and rushed home :D

DAY 1 of Merge-

From the episode last night the ex-teams seem to score up like this....

Scouts-Total of 8/10

First Place- Danika, Their strongest in both Friendships and Power. (9/10)

Second Place-Manic, A strong threat when it comes to friendships, but a low baller with strength (6/10)

Third Place- Eliza, Some what strong, and we know she is smart, but her social skillz are lacking. (4.5/10)

Fourth Place- Cheyne, Strong-The strongest, lacks every thing else. (4)

LAST place- Paul, Weak, Weak, Weak! (1/10)

Campers-Total of 5/10

First Place- Evelyn, Your team kept you in, dispite injury- Extremly high in social, and good physically. (8/10)

Second place- Louis, Strong mentally and Socially, lacking a little physically... (7/10)

Third Place- Charlie, Some how you're still here.... While you lack almost every thing! (3/10)

LAST PLACE- Elenaz, You were already eliminated, so you must be lacking something? (1/10)

Now considering that was for teams.... Who would be first out at merge?

My guess is on Danika, no one wants to keep a threat, best of luck to you.

Day 2 of Merge

First- Manic, You survived the first vote, you must have magority

Second-Danika, your the girl friend of the leader in votes

Third- Louis, you have a Girl friend, power in numbers

Fourth-Evelyn, you have a boy friend, power in numbers

Fifth- Friends with people in power.

Sixth- Charlie, on the losing team, plus not man firends.

Seventh-Paul, no real friends in the game.

LAST- Elenaz, you dont have numbers and not many people like you.

My guess is for Elenaz, Best of luck... to me.

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