Zach: But if he is going down, so will the rest of his team Or I suck up to blain and Isaac BAH Soooo many options ^^ But which ...... Both Would Still result in me gone, I need a new plan

  • Thinmks8

Zach+Spenny= War, Zach+Isaac= Iffy, Zach+Blain= DO able I have an idea I think Isaac + Spenny = Tight, But Blain is screwed if he stick with them, so we pull Isaac in, with some kind words, then Poff, My pain is gone MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Im not insane, just lack any form of trust in people any more Either way, Isaac is not on my hitlist, only Spenny, Then merge will come, and there is another team to get rid off <3 and final 3 will be Blain, ***** and Zach Where Zach will some how mess up, and lose and not make it to final 2 Being the antagonsit of the season! And to think, I wanted to be like James and Owen Wow Im more like Nalyd, but dumber xD

Yes, my elimination, Unless I get lucky, with out Webby I am screwed!

  • Camera Dies*

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