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  • Mrodd

    S3 merge- Predictians

    October 24, 2010 by Mrodd

    Since I was an epic fail and had Rugby games on Saturday... I missed almost all the episodes- Luckily last night I skipped the party after and rushed home :D

    DAY 1 of Merge-

    From the episode last night the ex-teams seem to score up like this....

    Scouts-Total of 8/10

    First Place- Danika, Their strongest in both Friendships and Power. (9/10)

    Second Place-Manic, A strong threat when it comes to friendships, but a low baller with strength (6/10)

    Third Place- Eliza, Some what strong, and we know she is smart, but her social skillz are lacking. (4.5/10)

    Fourth Place- Cheyne, Strong-The strongest, lacks every thing else. (4)

    LAST place- Paul, Weak, Weak, Weak! (1/10)

    Campers-Total of 5/10

    First Place- Evelyn, Your team kept you in, dispite injury- Extremly…

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  • Mrodd


    September 7, 2010 by Mrodd If you know me then plesase sign up as a FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then go to friends and friend me Zachary St-Onge this way I can be in the cast for Ultimate Teen Challenge a new reality show ;)

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  • Mrodd

    Strange... Maybe.... I spent a good 30 minutes coming up with a x/100 Score of usefullness( With potential alliancres and friendships) tallying into the score.

    Using that, I was able to decide on certain eliminations. Following this another important thing is what team would win. In both of the previous seasons one team always wins 3/4 of the first 4 challenges. So The already comfirmed Whitney is out, following season one I decided the first Two would Be within one team...

    Whitney: Already comfirmed....

    Katie: Out of the people NOT within the Iffy alliance, she had the lowest usefullness level, you can compare her to... Lindsay (S 2)

    After that we skip over to the next team, I feel after losing their dead weight there team would be able to wi…

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  • Mrodd

    Errrr I copied wrong v.v

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  • Mrodd

    Zach: But if he is going down, so will the rest of his team Or I suck up to blain and Isaac BAH Soooo many options ^^ But which ...... Both Would Still result in me gone, I need a new plan

    • Thinmks8

    Zach+Spenny= War, Zach+Isaac= Iffy, Zach+Blain= DO able I have an idea I think Isaac + Spenny = Tight, But Blain is screwed if he stick with them, so we pull Isaac in, with some kind words, then Poff, My pain is gone MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Im not insane, just lack any form of trust in people any more Either way, Isaac is not on my hitlist, only Spenny, Then merge will come, and there is another team to get rid off

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