• DJ Spenstar

    (this entry takes place after Episode 20)

    Spenny looked out the window as his team's plane took off. He had just witnessed Giratin's downfall. Spenny sighed and got out a black leather backpack from under his bed. He opened it, took out a black journal and a pencil, and put the backpack away.

    Spenny sat on his bed and opened his journal to a blank page. He started writing, talking aloud as he wrote:

    "Today was just awful! I was sure a newly-reunited Adventurers team was going to win for sure, but, I say there's no hope left. I try, and I try, for my team. I put in 200% effort, giving it EVERYTHING I've got, and then some, day after day. But nobody else seems to care. Today Giratin and Issac, my own close friend, just sat on the sled we had to…

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