Screaming Scouts

8.Trixie-Snob? Enemies? I would probably see her out next or when they lose at least

7.Manic-I don't see why everyone likes him but he has two things that might lose him the competition with an early elimination, he has too many fears which could result in his elimination, also he's got friends which could equally result in his elimination...

6.Cheyne-A lot of threats on this team, with him being one of them

5.Paul-Threat much? But his skillz could keep him.. We'll just have to wait and see

4.Elanaz-Keeping your head down could get you through the frist five or so eliminations

3.Trevor-Related to James, winner of season 1 could mean he's a threat but he could make it far

2.Eliza-I could see her gonig far, possible merge but it depends how she plays her cards...

1.Danika-She won them the challenge but if she always does that when they lose she could be eliminated

Killer Campers

7.Charlie-He's got nothing going for him, he'll need a miracle to survive his next team elimination...

6.Katie-She voted against the most powerful guy in her team, revenge?

5.Silver-I could see this guy being voted out for the simple reason of being a threat. He didn't do much but maybe that's a good thing?

4.Lilie-Not good, not bad, so straight in the middle

3.Evelyn-This girl, another one of Sly's helpers but not as far in, so..

2.Louis-He's friends with Sly, that's got to help him..

1.Sly-He's running this team, he's friends with the superhero.


It completely depends on what this is, for I believe that overall the Screaming Scouts are the more powerful team but then again... I could also see the Killer Campers having little conflict but also not as much friendships...

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