• ChimmyCharific

    Hey, Kyle here. Thought I might as well blog about this :)

    The Skydivers...there really wasn't much to this. I thought I was gonna die when I tripped out of the plane...thankfully, the ground broke my fall. I was only a number away from winning...I was scared I would be eliminated first. Thankfully, I don't fail. "Holes", I never really got to know the guy. I bought Kate some genuine maple syrup...she loves pancakes.

    Escalade de la Tour Eiffel next, right? I admit, I was pretty cocky going into this...why did I even volunteer for that challenge? I guess I got what I deserved with the broken arm. =__= Thankfully, we still won. Lindsay...meh. Was a little glad to see her go. I sent Kate my regards, and an Eiffel Tower model.

    I felt I was r…

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