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  • I am 19 and I'm on fire

    Note that I'm speaking from Marshall's perspective.

    Overall, it sucked. Episode one, Monica is voted off and I get the first marshmallow ever in IRC Camps by mistake. Episode two, I do well but nothing goes my way except taking down Joe. Episode three, I never get to kiss Princessa, I never get to participate, and I get voted off by someone who now regrets it. Episode sixteen, I'm in the jury, James and Nalyd most likely lie to get my vote, but I vote James, James wins, whoop-de-doo. I ask Rachel out, and i'm rejected. No one likes me. Anyway, my parents, trying to make me feel better that I lost, bought me a chainsaw. I've already destroyed my entire block and blamed it on this little kid. As a result, guess who goes to Charm Scho…

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    Episode Recaps

    November 22, 2009 by COKEMAN11

    From the perspective of Chris.

    Last time on IRC Camps, we kicked off with the most classic challenge. A cliff dive! Everyone on the Actors jumped, and if Monica and Frank had jumped, there would have been a tie. Monica voted off Marshall for no reason whatsoever, Marshall did a reciprocal with this vote, and Monica got voted off!

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