Trev, labeled as The gangster, is a competitor on IRC Camps Season One. He is played by Tdifan1234. He is on the Killer Actors team.

Killer Actors
Trev 2
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated I'm Coming M'Lady!
Place 12th
Relationship TBA
Family Tye (Brother)
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Police
Talent Robbing banks
Played By Tdifan1234

Time on IRC campsEdit

I'm Coming, Mlady

Trev is eliminated.

In I Love Adventures!, Trev became a member of the Killer Actors team. He jumped off the cliff, and the Killer Actors won immunity. Trev was ignored by his team and didn't help in challenges in Do You Think I'm Stupid? and Je t'aime.

In A Christmas Miracle, Trev worried that Joe would return, but Nalyd dismissed his worries. When the Killer Actors lost, Nalyd got Trev to vote Tye off. Trev successfully landed on the horse in Yeehaw. Trev was voted off in I'm Coming M'Lady!, because his team thought he was useless.

Audition TapeEdit

Well here I am outside of prison...*BIZZ WHAP*. Crap camera broke.


  • Trev recieved 4 votes in the IRC Camps Season One.
Killer Actors

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