The Camp Before Time
Season Three, Episode Six
No Picture
First Played October 9, 2010
Challenge Bone Fight on Pedestals
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Screaming Scouts
Eliminated Silver
Episode Guide
"Use Your Noodle"
"Happy Campers"

After an unfortunate elimination, one contestant's fury overtakes her. Another relationship starts to occur before one contestant's disruption. One contestant kicked another's butt, and another showed her true power. The cutie could not take the fury and ultimately lost. In the end, though, a poor performance gets a player out.


Paul was upset over almost being voted out in the previous episode. Eliza was furious over her boyfriend Trevor being eliminated, blaming Louis. Manic tried to talk to Danika, until Cheyne interrupted. Sly assured Louis that he'd take care of Eliza. Katie and Sly flirted. Chris McLean announced that the challenge would be based off of an upcoming dinosaur movie. The contestants had to wear loin cloths and knock each other off pillars. Eliza beat Louis in the first round, scoring a point for the Screaming Scouts. Katie beat Danika and scored a point for the Killer Campers. Katie and Eliza moved onto the final round, where Eliza won, giving immunity to the Screaming Scouts. The Killer Campers voted Silver off due to his poor performance in challenges. After the elimination, a fight broke out between Sly, Danika, Manic, and Eliza.


User Contestant
Goldenshane Chris McLean/Eliza
Nalyd Renrut Louis
Reddude Manic
Tdi Evelyn
KoopaKidJr. Sly/Paul
Chimchar2356025 Danika
Cragiled dyrium Charlie
Darkdonpatch Silver
TDALindsayfan1 Katie/Cheyne



Contestant Voted For
Charlie Silver
Evelyn Silver
Katie Silver
Louis Silver
Sly Silver
Silver Sly

Quotes Edit

  • Paul: I woke up after another loss, quite annoyed at my team for attempting to vote me off.
  • Manic: So, um, Danika...

Cheyne: *Runs over Manic while sprinting to mess hall*

  • Evelyn: Hi, Louis!

Louis: Oh, um, uh, hi.

  • Chris: Today's challenge is based off the Summer blockbuster - Jurassic Park Four: Even More Dinosaurs!
  • Manic: You wanna go out with me?

Danika: Out where?

  • Charlie: *Looks in mirror* Manly!
  • Danika: Come on, I wanna knock people off to their deaths already!
  • Eliza: Wait, you're too hot to die!
  • Danika: Shield the children!
  • Sly: Yes! That's my hottie!
  • Chris: The Screaming Scouts finally win one!

Sly: More like the Stupid Suckers...

  • Manic: Don't hurt me, Sly. I bruise like a banana.
  • (CONF) Evelyn: "Louis, you were too hot." Ooh, that Eliza!
  • Danika: I have a little gift for you, Sly. *Kicks Sly in the groin* Hope you like it! *Walks away*

Manic: ... Feisty. *Smiles*

Sly: Oh, I'll get you, my racing friend, and your little wuss too!

  • Louis: *Sits down next to Evelyn* Um... Should I hold your hand?
  • Chris: The votes have been tallied. Cookies go to... Louis and Evelyn!

Evelyn: *High-fives Louis*

Chris: And don't forget Charlie!

Louis: Who?

Chris: Katie, Sly, Silver, you three all have great reasons to be eliminated. Katie, you lost. Sly, you're a manipulator. Silver, your hair annoys us. *Throws cookies to Katie*

Katie: Yes!

Chris: The last cookies goes to... Sly! Silver, you're out, punk!

Sly: Huzzah!

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