The Rachel-Victoria-Tye Alliance formed in Do You Think I'm Stupid?. It consists of Rachel, Victoria, and Tye. The alliance was partially dismantled in A Christmas Miracle, as Tye voted for Rachel, and Victoria wanted the last marshmallow to go to Rachel instead of Tye. Tye told Trev to vote out Bridgette, but Trev wanted to vote out Rachael instead, and Tye agreed.


  • Rachel and Victoria tried to get Bridgette and Princessa to join with out success.
  • In A Christmas Miracle, Tye successfully got Trev into the alliance, and Tye was voted out.
  • This is the only alliance with someone in the alliance already eliminated.
  • This alliance was disbanded in I Make Fire! after Victoria was eliminated (Rachel voted for her).
  • All three have been eliminated.

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