March of the Players
Season Two, Episode Thirteen
First Played May 22, 2010
Challenge Surviving Antarctica cold
Reward(s) Invincibility
Winner(s) Andrea
Eliminated Hershell
Episode Guide
"When in Rome"
"The Fashion King"

The final five go to Antarctica, where the temperature is below zero. Despite the cold, tempers flare, and two contestants still flirt. The winner gets her alliance to vote off her enemy.


The episode starts with the final five, Allison, Andrea, Christian, Hershell, and Kyle in the plane. Andrea and Hershell got in a fight, as Christian and Allison flirted. Chris McLean told the contestants to change into their bathing suits for a "water challenge." The contestants were shocked to learn the challenge was actually in Antarctica. Chris explained that whoever stayed outside last in the below freezing temperature, would win immunity. Nobody left for the first temptation, hot chocolate, but Allison gave in with the promise of freshly washed, warm clothes, and dropped out of the challenge. Christian dropped out next, after Chris threatened to spray cold water on the contestants. Hershell was forced out of the challenge, when he rubbed chocolate on himself and Chris pointed out that he could only wear a bathing suit. Neither Kyle nor Andrea gave into the temptation of a phone call home. Chris puts the two in a pool of cold water to see who gets out first, and it was Kyle to give up, giving Andrea the win. Andrea got her allies to vote off Hershell due to their conflict, and Hershell was voted off unanimously.


User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris McLean/Allison
Goldenshane Andrea
Tdifan1234 Christian
KoopaKidJr. Hershell
Chimchar2356025 Kyle



Contestant Voted For
Andrea Hershell
Allison Hershell
Christian Hershell
Hershell Kyle
Kyle Hershell

Quotes Edit

  • Andrea: Hershell, jump out of the plane.

Hershell: Andrea, go on "What Not to Wear."

(CONF) Hershell: I can safely guarantee that Andrea's elevator does not go to the first floor.

  • Allison: *Runs off of plane* Aloha, dudes! *Freezes*
  • Kyle: I would say it was cool, but...
  • Chris: First temptation, hot chocolate! Hear that, Hershell? Chocolate.
  • (CONF) Hershell: She should be thankful that I didn't throw cocoa over her!
  • (CONF) Kyle: I'm pretty aware I'll never find wood in Antarctica, but the activity should help warm me up a little.
  • (CONF) Hershell: I can't stand Andrea anymore! She's on my last nerve!
  • Chris: Passports go to... Andrea!

Andrea: Yay! Oh, wait, I won immunity.

Chris: Allison.

Allison: Rock on!

Chris: Christian!

Christian: Awesome.

Andrea: Come on, Kyle...

Chris: Hershell, Kyle, this is the final passport... It goes to... Kyle.

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