Joe, labeled as The Demon, was a competitor on IRC Camps Season One, and will be played by KoopaKidJr. He is on the Screaming Directors team. Joe was intended to be one of, if not, the main antagonist on IRC Camps Season One. Unfortunately, he was voted off very early in the game.

Screaming Directors
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated Do You Think I'm Stupid?
Place 16th
Friends Nalyd
Enemies Tye, Erik, Frank, Monica, Marshall, Princessa, James
Fear Losing, Anybody knowing his deepest darkest secret
Talent Being evil, Lying, Blackmailing, Cheating, Deception, Perseverance, Persuasion, Manipulation, Making enemies, Forming alliances
Played By KoopaKidJr.

Time on IRC CampsEdit

After arriving at the movie lot in I Love Adventures!, Joe called everyone freaks in the confessional, and easily jumped off of the cliff. He threatened his team to jump, but despite this, they still lost. Joe was part of a minor argument with Tye, as Tye was trying to dissuade the Directors from jumping. Joe voted for Frank, and was given the third-to-last marshmallow.

Irc camps joe marshall talk

Joe and Marshall have a talk about alliances in Do You Think I'm Stupid?.

In Do You Think I'm Stupid?, Joe was planning to break up Nalyd and Princessa, but his plan was never tried out during the challenge. During the nature movie challenge, Joe rudely woke up the bear, causing it to attack everybody. Marshall blamed Joe for picking the bear, even though he rudely woke it up. Either way, Joe was voted off.

Joe returned to vote for a winner in And the Winner Is..., and voted for Nalyd, the only jury member to do so.


"Do I think you should pick me for the show?", Joe asked. "Yeah, I should. Who doesn't? Some people may get uncomfortable with the things I do at other camps, but its just the way I am. I'm one man stuffed with evil, deviousness, cruelty, and cunningness. And it's all in one man. Pick me and I promise one heck of a show!", said Joe. Joe then walked out of the room.


  • Joe can be really greedy and ruthless when it comes to winning and money. On day one, he threatened his team to jump off the cliff, which everybody, but one camper still managed to jump. Despite someone trying to talk them out of it.
  • Ironically, Chris was the cause of Joe's elimination, since he picked the bear, but the team thought Joe did it just to torture the others. However, Joe didn't have anything to do with picking the bear.
  • Joe recieved four votes in the first season of the IRC Camps.
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