This alliance is made up of James, Roman, and Frank. This alliance was created on Je t'aime.

Je t'aime Edit

James and Roman started their alliance after they voted off Joe. They also told each other who they had crushes on. They survived their first vote as an alliance after they successfully kicked off Marshall.

A Christmas Miracle Edit

James and Roman gain a new member to their alliance, Frank.

It's ElementaryEdit

The alliance seemed to stay together until the elimination ceremony, where James and Frank voted out Roman. Roman was eliminated.

Exploits Edit

Marshall was voted off in Je t'aime because of the alliance.

Erik was voted out because of this alliance in Yeehaw.

Trivia Edit

  • Roman is the first person voted off from this alliance.
  • This was the only alliance on the Killer Actors
  • The alliance was broken when James chose Nalyd to go to the finals with him instead of Frank