IRC Camps Season Three is the third season of the IRC Camps series.


Screaming Scouts Edit

  1. Cheyne (played by Weblykinly)
  2. Danika (played by Chimchar2356025)
  3. Elenaz (played by Mrodd)
  4. Eliza (played by Goldenshane)
  5. Manic (played by Reddude)
  6. Paul (played by Turnertang)
  7. Trevor (played by Tdafan123)
  8. Trixie (played by Dakotacoons)

Killer Campers Edit

  1. Charlie (played by Cragiled dyrium)
  2. Evelyn (played by Tdi)
  3. Katie (played by TDALindsayfan1)
  4. Lilie (played by TDADJ)
  5. Louis (played by Nalyd Renrut)
  6. Silver (played by Darkdonpatch)
  7. Sly (played by KoopaKidJr.)
  8. Whitney (played by Anonymos)

Elimination Table Edit

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Louis Whitney Win Lilie Win Win Silver Charlie Katie Eliza Manic Danika
Charlie Whitney Win Lilie Win Win Silver Katie Katie Eliza Manic Evelyn
Paul Win Trixie Win Eliza Trevor Win Win Win Manic Manic Danika
Danika Win Trixie Win Elenaz Trevor Win Win Win Evelyn Louis Evelyn
Elenaz Win Trevor Win Eliza Reterns in Episode 18 Evelyn Manic Paul1 Evelyn
Cheyne Win Trixie Win Elenaz Danika Win Win Win Eliza Louis Evelyn
Evelyn Whitney Win Sly Win Win Silver Sly Katie Eliza Manic1 Danika
Manic Win Trixie Win Elenaz Trevor Win Win Win Eliza Louis
Eliza Win Trixie Win Elenaz Paul Win Win Win Manic
Katie Sly Win Lilie Win Win Silver Sly Charlie
Sly Whitney Win Lilie Win Win Silver Evelyn
Silver Whitney Win Lilie Win Win Sly
Trevor Win Trixie Win Manic Paul
Lilie Whitney Win Charlie
Trixie Win Trevor
Whitney Sly

1 Elenaz won immunity, but she gave it to Evelyn.

Episode ListEdit

  1. Welcome to Camp
  2. Talentless Show
  3. Love is in the Air
  4. The Final Chowdown
  5. Use Your Noodle
  6. The Camp Before Time
  7. End Of The World


  • This season premiered September 4, 2010.
  • This season is the first season with an equal number of boys and girls.

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