This alliance is made up of Boomer, Isaac, Spenny, Webby, Zachary, and to a lesser extend, Blain in Season Two of the IRC Camps.

Formation Edit

The alliance formed when Spenny asked Webby to join an alliance (or vice versa?). Soon, Boomer asked to be in the alliance, as well as Zachary. Isaac asked to be in the alliance after that and was accepted.

The alliance broke up in Valley of the Puzzles when Boomer threw the challenge to get rid of Spenny (or so he said.) The alliance continued to break up further, and eventually split up, with Zach siding with Webby and Isaac siding with Spenny, leaving Blain as the odd man out.

In Chinese Challenge in China, only Spenny, Isaac, and Blain remained. Spenny got Andrea, Kyle, and Allison in the alliance, in an attempt to vote off Blain. Spenny ended up being voted off. Blain took over the alliance with Isaac and Lindsay, trying to recruit members. Isaac, Blain, and Lindsay all ended up being voted off.

Trivia Edit

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